Stop Buying Spring Onions and Start Growing Them.

Several green spring onions grow in a small container of water

I’ve heard about people growing their own spring onions, and even watched videos of how to grow them. With much skepticism I decided to try it myself. The picture is proof, it really works, and my spring onions are still growing as we speak. Below I’m sharing all of the details of the process, but if you hate reading a long list of details and just want to go for it, all you really need to do is put your leftover spring onions in water.

Here’s all the details:

Step 1

First, go to the store and purchase some spring onions. Upon purchasing the spring onions, you’ll need to eat as much as them as possible. The order here is crucial, doing this out of order would be considered stealing, and I cannot condone that.

Step 2

Next, you’ll need to put the leftovers in a small container of water. The trick here is not to wait to long to get them in the water. Don’t expect your spring onions to look as beautiful and perfect as the ones in the picture if they’ve been sitting out on the counter all night.

Step 3

Once you get them in the water, you’ll want to make sure to change the water every day. I say everyday, but I’m not the best plant parent and probably only do it every couple of days, and my spring onions are turning out fine.

Step 4

Optional. Transfer your spring onions to a pot with dirt in int. You absolutely do do not need to do this. The spring onions in the picture have not been put in any dirt and they look fine to me. I would like to transfer them to a pot at some point to keep them alive longer though.

Step 5

Finally. Never buy spring onions again. You completed your training, go and spend your money on other things. Congratulations.

Spring onions taste good on just about anything, but I recommend using them for a topping on baked potatoes. Try my recipe by clicking here.

Green onions always go great as a garnish on Filipino food. Check out this amazing Instant pot adobo recipe from

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